12. Beauraing Centre for Social Action, Belgium


Beauraing, Belgium

Who is involved:

Beauraing Centre for Social Action.

Nature of activity:

This is a centre for people aged 60 or over during the day in order to combat isolation. Activities are adapted to the needs of people with dementia (e.g. musical workshops, massages, gentle exercises, craft, games). Participants enjoy being with others who are less dependent and thrive during these precious moments in groups. They organise joined-up activities with a care home or with services such as libraries and cultural centres, in order to engage participants through different events. For example, a project was organised around remembrance of the First World War.

A member of staff commented:

It all depends on resources. It is crucial to engage a minimum number of participants in order to organise meetings, coordinate activities and supervise people. Infrastructure such as the Community Centre ‘La parenthèse’ couldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for subsidies we received. Financial resources such as the ‘Alzheimer’ grant enable us to improve the quality of the activities and offer diversity. Unfortunately, the grant was for a fixed period and does not allow long-term planning.