13. Us with you – Ambassadors for Alzheimer’s, Italy


Northern Italy

Who is involved:

Rifugio Re Carlo Alberto, Diacona Valdese. In 2014 the project won an EFID award.

Nature of activity:

This project aims to provide education about dementia, as well as advocacy services. Through this project people living with dementia can become ambassadors who campaign on behalf of others who are living with dementia. Training, support and information workshops are also provided as part of the project, as are social engagement and community outreach opportunities within community settings, such as local coffee shops.

The idea is to integrate the local community with the residents of the refuge. Residents are encouraged to participate in the daily activities offered by the area, such as markets, village festivals, restaurants, and bars; there is a drop-in at a local coffee shop; community and socio-pedagogical activities for people with and without dementia within and outside the Refuge; awareness-raising activities such as conferences, seminars, and cinema screenings; and a meeting between the residents and the regional municipalities for a confrontation between citizens and politicians.

The project is based on creating relationships of reciprocity, in which those who help and who are helped collaborate to achieve a common goal, making the most of the contributions that each can make, respecting desires, wishes and inclinations. It is about “celebrating the possible”.