14. Alzal House, Italy


Lamezia Terme, Calabria, southern Italy

Who is involved:

Associazione per la Ricerca Neurogenetica o.n.l.u.s. In 2012 Alzal House won an EFID award. The Jury of the awards appreciated the strong network approach of the project that strengthens the natural networks formed by the family, community, parish, friends and colleagues and also gives special emphasis to integrating the younger generation. They stated that by involving the community, people with dementia remain part of it so that the isolation and stigma of those with dementia and their families, can be reduced. Stigma is still a day-to-day reality in many regions of Southern Europe.

Nature of activity:

Alzal House is a community day-care home for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families, situated in Lamezia Terme, Calabria, in the very south of Italy. It opened in 2002 as the first adult care home in Lamezia Terme and offers a wide range of creative activities such as handicrafts, self-management activities, organised day trips and short vacations, as well as group meetings and support for families.

The daily running of Alzal House is purposely shared with families, young civil service volunteers and students to encourage the dissemination of good social practices and assistance within the community. Encouraging the participation of people from all age groups fosters effective intergenerational communication – between young people, adults and older people – and narrows the generation gap, whilst ensuring stronger integration of the person with dementia in the community.


http://www.arn.it/it/home-it/ and a lively Facebook page.