39. ‘Continue taking part in community life through Dementia’, Germany



Who is involved:

Nachbarschaftliche Unterstützung und Zeitvorsorge (NUZ) e.V. (‘Neighbourly Assistance and Time Pension’), Germany. In 2014 the ‘Continue taking part in community life through dementia’ initiative won an EFID award.

Nature of activity:

The community is stimulated through public awareness and political activism. Regular meetings and joint actions are organised to enable a space for networking of the boroughs with the professional service providers. The aim of the project is to enable people with dementia to remain in their homes for as long as possible. People with dementia and their family carers are supported through neighbourhood assistance, organised and implemented by the Association of NUZ.

Moreover, training and support are provided to citizens who are willing to engage themselves in the neighbourhood assistance on a voluntary basis and against time credit, especially for people with dementia. Time credits are a creative way of rewarding people for giving up time to support the local community. For every hour that a person gives, they are given a time credit that can be redeemed against a variety of public services and activities such as sports or leisure, provided that the organisation is part of the scheme. Time credits recognise the time that individuals give to support the local community and aims to encourage more people to get involved and give their time.


http://www.nuz-pfronten.de/ and http://www.demenzfreundliche-kommunen.de/