7. Foundation Mental Health Care Centre, Estonia


Tartu, Estonia

Who is involved:

The Centre has received much support in developing and improving the quality of the services from Sopimusvuori ry (Finland); the Psychiatric Service of Malmö University Hospital (Sweden); the Community Residence National Association (Netherlands); the Hamlet Trust (Great Britain), Visby Hospital (Sweden); the Toronto Mental Health Centre (Canada); and specialist-, clients- and family members’ organisations in Estonia (EPRA, Independent Life, EGGA, Association of Estonia Alzheimer Disease, Davy, Estonian Association for Supporters of People with Mental Disorders etc.).

Nature of activity:

The Foundation provides help for people with dementia at their home, at a day care centre and at Nõlvaku Care Centre (24 hour care). They work closely with relatives of clients and also with people involved in dementia care. They are developing respite care at person’s home to enable relatives to continue living their own life and continue working. They are trying to be very flexible in the way they provide their services.

The organisation highlighted the importance of amplifying awareness about dementia among the general public to promote improved attitudes and understanding towards people living with dementia. A lack of resources to enable adequate service provision was cited as the biggest factor impacting on the feasibility of developing ‘dementia-friendly communities’ in Estonia.

“Usually people don’t think about dementia before they themselves need help. That’s why the information is the most important.”