9. ‘The customer is always right’ video, Belgium


Bruges, Belgium

Who is involved:

The video was made by Foton with funding from EFID and the cooperation of Family Care West-Vlaanderen, an autonomous and integrated home care service, working in West Flanders and in the border areas of East Flanders (website: http://www.familiezorg-wvl.be/). It was made with the participation of people with dementia and their spouses or child(ren), the local authority, the Smedenstraat trade cooperative and local traders.

Nature of activity:

a short film, set in Bruges, entitled ‘The customer is always right’ was made to show how having people trained in dementia awareness working in local businesses such as shops, pharmacists and hairdressers, can make a big difference to the lives of people living with dementia. The video can be viewed here: The traders show kindness and patience in prompting someone with dementia (played by an actor) as to what day of the week it is, and recognising the things that the customer with dementia does know, such as the word for newspaper, and how to get home again, with gentle prompting.

One shopkeeper said:

‘It’s a matter of trust and building that relationship with my customers.’