Two new foundations joined EFID in the 2nd phase: the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the Life Changes Trust. Genio Trust also joined EFID as representative of the Atlantic Philanthropies. The new partner foundations were very active in the field of dementia, running their own programmes.
Two building blocks underpinned EFID 2nd phase:

1. Promotion and dissemination of the concept of dementia-friendly communities

In order to promote the concept of dementia friendly communities, two complementary activities were envisaged. Firstly, to re-open the call for awards to enlarge the number of organisations working on the approach, and secondly to produce a mapping to inform organisations and other entities interested in starting a dementia-friendly community project using the approach and its principles with recommendations.
In March 2013, EFID launched the second call for awards for “Living well with dementia in the community”, which was along the same lines as the first edition. On 25 March 2014, EFID organised the award ceremony and a workshop with the second generation of award winners in Brussels. The workshop was entitled “From users to actors: involving people with dementia in your work”.

2. Working on empowerment and inclusion of people with dementia

EFID worked on empowerment and inclusion of people with dementia. It was decided to embed the views of people with dementia within EFID’s methods. As a result, the proposals received under the second call were reviewed by a panel of people with dementia. Their comments were integrated by the jury in the selection of the awards.