Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Stichting Fontys) is a Dutch university that came into being in 1996 after a merger. Its mission is focused on providing education and conducting applied research. With the project “The Nursing Home of the Future is (a) Home”, the nursing home can be a place where people with dementia can live a good life, where people are recognized for who they are, and where visitors like to stop by. Through a systematic literature review and a large-scale field study, the phenomenon called ‘sense of home’ was investigated in four nursing homes in The Netherlands. Residents with dementia, members of staff and relatives participated in a photo production study and were interviewed about the visual material they provided. Because the home environment of people is often taken for granted, we invited people to take pictures of things that contribute (or don’t contribute) to a sense of home. A model of the experiential world of residents with dementia has been made, as well as an educational programme for nursing home practitioners.