Examples of selected papers


The mapping paper contains 48 examples of ‘dementia-friendly community’ projects, activities and initiatives. These include projects, videos, organisations, networks, campaigns and other form of initiatives.

Both the authors of the paper and EFID wish to emphasise that the examples illustrate the diversity of ‘dementia-friendly community’ activity but have not been evaluated or chosen as examples of ‘best practice’.

There are many other ‘dementia-friendly community’ initiatives within Europe: this mapping contains just a cross-section of those that were found during our information-gathering and there were many other examples identified that have not been included.
Omission in no way reflects on the quality or contribution of other activities.


The criteria used to select examples included ensuring a diversity of projects, activities and initiatives:

  • across a range of European countries;
  • in different types of communities (e.g. urban/rural, large/small, geographical, communities of ‘identity’, etc.);
  • reflecting a balance across the three main domains, and types of ‘dementia-friendly communities’ identified in the DEM-FACT;
  • examples that had been referred to in the report describing the findings from the literature review and survey.


In addition to the survey and literature review, the paper is also informed by other work done by the European Foundations’ Initiative on Dementia, notably the awards that were given to outstanding ‘dementia-friendly community’ projects in 2012 and 2014.
For full information about the EFID Awards “Living well with Dementia in the Community” click here. In total EFID rewarded 20 organisations in 11 countries.