19. Konfetti im Kopf eV (‘Confetti in the Head’), Germany

Where: Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin and elsewhere, Germany

Who is involved: Sometimes big actions start with the commitment of an individual, who then manages to inspire other people with their ideas. The Hamburg-based photographer Michael Hagedorn had been following the lives of people with dementia for a long time, then had the idea of initiating a large, open-air photo exhibition. He joined forces with other passionate creative people, then in 2009 the company VIA composite gGmbH took the campaign into their own hands and implemented it enthusiastically in Berlin, making the dream a reality. Konfetti im Kopf has received an EFID award in 2014.

Nature of activity: The project develops events and activities to bring together people with and without dementia in their local community. In using music, visual arts, theatre and humour they create meeting spaces, where people connect and gain new perspectives through social contact and information. The project puts emphasis on building a network of local institutions dealing with dementia care.

There is a plan to establish a Music & Arts Studio, where music and art therapists encourage people with and without dementia of all ages and backgrounds to experience the fun of creating and an increase in self-esteem.
This project is about blowing up the gloomy stereotype that dementia patients are confused people whose personality gradually disappears with their memory. They celebrate radiating joy, wonder, dignity, individuality, exploring how dementia affects everyone. The centrepiece of the campaign is a large open-air photo exhibition – a place of many creative and informative activities related to dementia.
The project has also established KONFETTI cafes for the inclusion of people with dementia and their families in Hamburg. The KONFETTI cafes creative meeting spaces are currently generated that appeal by an unusual and diverse program to all people in the district, and merge in cultural activities. The moto is “come and be surprised!”.

Website: www.konfetti-im-kopf.de