33. Pact Ateliers (‘Artistic Forum’), Pacheco Institute, Belgium

Where:  Brussels, Belgium

Who is involved: Under the auspices of Brussels volunteer bureau.

Nature of activity: The project develops artistic projects involving people of all ages but linked with a care institution. The aim is to promote cultural participation, social cohesion, social resistance and empowerment of older, more disabled people and the promotion of intergenerational collaboration. Workshops include batik, sewing, jewellery design, modelling, art therapy, theatre, graffiti, and screen printing and can be based upon experiences and memories of the  institution focusing on people’s creativity and imagination, but also their political and social agency.

The project is evolving into a collaboration with other care homes, schools, associations and community centres in Brussels.

Website: http://www.vrijwilligerswerk.be/node/organisaties/2723