35. Dementia action alliances – England, Germany

Where:  The below activities in England and Germany are examples of Dementia Action Alliances. There are a number of other European countries that have both local and national Dementia Action Alliances – non-inclusion in the mapping is not a reflection on the quality of these organisations or their work.

Who is involved: In England the National Dementia Action Alliance is supported by a Secretariat funded through voluntary financial and in kind contributions from members. It is hosted by the Alzheimer’s Society and works according to the programme agreed by the whole membership and people living with dementia and their carers who attend their sessions.

In Germany, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, and the Federal Ministry of Health, plus representatives of the countries, associations and organisations, who are responsible for people with dementia at the federal level, such as the German Alzheimer Association – self-help Dementia – the German Nursing Council and the German Medical Association.

Nature of activity: In England, the National Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) is working towards bringing about a society-wide response to dementia.  At a national level the DAA has begun to shape policy and attitudes. Locally they galvanise action by coordinating and supporting Local Dementia Action Alliances. There are local DAAs across England and you can access information about them and links to the local websites via the main DAA website.

In Germany, on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day on 21th September 2012 a new ‘Allianz für Menschen mit Demenz’ (‘Alliance for People with Dementia’) was founded by the German governments in partnership with the German Alzheimer Association, Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellsschaft (DALZG), as a central component of the demographic strategy of the government. The aim is to develop tools to benefit people living with dementia and to raise awareness in order to counteract social exclusion. As well as the national alliance, 26 local alliances have been launched in multigenerational houses – financed by the national government. By 2016, 500 of these nationwide local networks will develop. In September 2014 the Alliance launched an agenda to implement the foundation of a national dementia strategy for Germany.

Click here to read more on the national alliances. Click here to see a brochure containing information about the local alliance

Website: http://www.dementiaaction.org.uk/  And   http://www.allianz-fuer-demenz.de