43. West Dunbartonshire Partnership, Scotland

Where: West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Who is involved: West Dunbartonshire CVS, West Dunbartonshire Community Health and Care Partnership, Scottish Care, West Dunbartonshire Council and RNIB.

Nature of activity: The Partnership has developed a local Dementia Strategy; with commitments for the creation of Dementia-friendly West Dunbartonshire (WD) as well as supporting the development of neighbourhood services to meet the needs of all citizens locally including those with a diagnosis of dementia. This has begun with specific work within its 22 identifiable neighbourhoods.

WD is working with local schools and nurseries to create unique identifiers and branding for each area. They are using ‘Promoting Excellence’ as their preferred education approach to create and deliver cultural and behavioural change within each community to the benefit of those with dementia. They are evaluating progress using the ‘Individual, Social and Material’ tool (ISM) and taking pledges from each participant which lays out their commitment to make professional and personal change to their practice.

The longer term aims of the ‘Dementia-friendly Community’ initiative are to: build general dementia awareness in the community; develop a Dementia-friendly shopping area involving local traders and retailers; establish a network of Dementia Awareness trainers throughout the statutory, private and third sector partners in the area; and support individuals and organisations to pledge service improvements and enhancements which could improve the quality of life for those living in the area.

Website: http://www.wdhscp.org.uk/mental-health-services-for-cyp-adults/dementia-friendly-west-dunbartonshire/