44. Muistillitto: Influencing and inclusion, Finland

Where: Finland

Who is involved: the Alzheimer Society of Finland in partnership with public, private and third sector actors.

Nature of activity: The Alzheimer Society of Finland described their work to develop a memory friendly Finland. The organisation coordinates the involvement of NGOs, statutory service and private businesses in developing DFCs, while providing guidance and support to encourage the involvement of these community groups.

Guidance and support is delivered via the Society’s Intranet in the form of slideshows, checklists, letterforms, a range of guidance documents and ideas for workshops. The National Memory Programme committee has proposed actions for communities to become dementia-friendly. These proposed actions were collated to develop tools to support collaborators in checking aspects of their programmes and identify where their work links in with third/other sectors, in line with good practices gleaned from dementia care.

Crucially, The Alzheimer Society of Finland has developed and continues to support a working group made up of about 10 individuals who are living with dementia and family carers. This working group meets on a bi-annual basis to voice their opinions in public forums – the opinions of the working group are sought in relation to issues highlighted by national and local associations, advising on national decision-making and planning the Society’s Memory Magazine and local action plans.

This influencing and involvement work has thus far culminated in a reformed Bill of Rights and a reformed workbook for good quality care and practices, which supports service providers’ ongoing development of knowledge and competence in providing supportive care.

Website:  http://www.muistiliitto.fi/en/home