“I am still the same person”

“I am still the same person” – click here to read


EFID – The European Foundations’ Initiative on Dementia- was born of the desire shared by several foundations across Europe to fight the stigmatization around dementia and work towards changing the societal perception of the condition, through an awareness-raising campaign and the support of local projects.

When one of the EFID members, the King Baudouin Foundation, presented its work on the frames and counter frames related to dementia, the group felt it was worthwhile investing in disseminating across the board the learning and recommendations that stemmed from this analysis. Although the research was carried on in Belgium, we are convinced that it can apply to all of Europe.

As the title of this leaflet indicates, we wish to invite everyone to communicate differently about the condition and to do so, we provide new perspectives and propose a shift of mind-set to stay connected with all “citizens with dementia”.

As EFID foundations we stand ready to invest in time to make this shift happen. Throughout Europe we can expect to live longer and the population that will live with the disease will increase, so we need to be able to enhance our care and support for them.