Gruppi Novilunici

Founded in 2014, Novilunio is a non-profit association dedicated to inspiring a culture of positive change based on dignity and empowerment of individuals living with dementia and their carers. In 2017, Novilunio launched four online peer support groups for care partners of people with dementia (i.e. frontotemporal, Lewy body, Alzheimer’s and vascular). Encouraged by this positive experience, the association is now working on the launch of the first online network of peer support groups exclusively dedicated to Italians living with dementia. The group participants will convene from across the country in video chat rooms to exchange personal stories, tips and advice, as well as mutual support to better cope with their life changes and live a good quality of life beyond their diagnosis. To this end, the members of the first pilot group will meet on a weekly basis with the support of two Novilunio’s advisors who will facilitate their interactions, empower their viewpoints, and assist in case of any issue affecting their participation. The first pilot group will also define the guidelines that will be shaping the values and operations of future peer support groups dedicated to specific types of dementia, which will be launched starting from the second half of 2018.