The Enger Alzheimer’s Counselling Centre

Learning with and from each other in order to deal with each other is what some of the senior experts intended for this project. This guiding principle set out to strengthen the various networks in the town of Enger and to offer young and elderly people the possibility of taking part in social development. This project enables people with dementia to actively participate in life and to come into contact with people without dementia. Such a project was only possible in the town of Enger with the support of the local community, its shopkeepers and the local authority.

Dementia brings with it isolation and rejection. To remedy this, Generationen Treff Enger offers people with dementia the opportunity to meet with other members of the town through a range of activities. This initiative, whichappears so simple, draws its success from the involvement of many actors. It also stimulates profound changes in the way people with dementia are regarded