Toolkit for Planning, Reflection and Learning

The EFID Toolkit for Planning, Reflection and Learning, outlines the EFID approach to reflection and learning. It constitutes a collection of ideas, concepts and examples for reflecting upon and learning from projects addressing the social side of dementia. The EFID Toolkit was initially developed to support activities undertaken by members of the EFID community, particularly by awardees. However, this Toolkit can be used by other professionals/practitioners.

The Toolkit exists to help professionals and practitioners think through their approach to planning, implementing and reflecting on their project, at their own pace, and depending
on their needs. The reader can pick and choose the components of the Toolkit which may be helpful, useful or relevant to their work depending on their progress to date.

The Toolkit has been developed between 2019 and 2020 by Organisation Development Support (ODS) and Rosien Herweijer in close consultation with EFID awardees and EFID partner foundations.