EFID provide a series of resources and publications

The EFID Toolkit for Planning, Reflection and Learning, outlines the EFID approach to reflection and learning. It constitutes a collection of ideas, concepts and examples for reflecting upon and learning from projects addressing the social side of dementia. – read more

The Collection of  dementia-friendly community case studies across Europe or so called mapping paper, has been produced as a way of sharing information about the so called ‘dementia-friendly community’ activities across Europe. – read more

‘Mapping dementia-friendly communities across Europe’ is a study commissioned by EFID and undertaken by the Mental Health Foundation in 2014 and 2015. The research originated from a shared interest, by the foundations engaged in EFID, to conduct an analysis of concepts and practices of what it is commonly referred to as ‘dementia-friendly communities’ (DFCs) and similar initiatives across Europe. The aim of the report is to provide practical information, guidance and examples to support good practice around sustainable, inclusive and supportive environments for people living with dementia and their carers. – read more

Showing five short lifelike stories, this documentary film, supported by EFID, lays stress on the significance of a dementia-friendly local economy and pictures the relation between the trader and the individual with dementia. The film is set in Bruges and it wishes to inspire other communities in Belgium, Europe and worldwide. Watch the full video: – read more

EFID – The European Foundations’ Initiative on Dementia- was born of the desire shared by several foundations across Europe to fight the stigmatization around dementia and work towards changing the societal perception of the condition, through an awareness-raising campaign and the support of local projects. – read more